No Way Out

Sun Tzu, Boyd and Wardley: The Art of Strategy with Erik Schön

May 08, 2023 Mark McGrath and Brian "Ponch" Rivera Season 1 Episode 20
No Way Out
Sun Tzu, Boyd and Wardley: The Art of Strategy with Erik Schön
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Erik Schön is an executive and strategist who has successfully developed and deployed strategy for over 20 years in small, medium and large organizations. From hacker, software researcher and system engineer to leader, executive and strategizer, Erik is leading global organisations in complex product and service development. He is the author of "The Art of Strategy - Steps Towards Business Agility. On Situational Awareness, OODA 'Loops' and Wardley Maps" and "The Art of Leadership - Purpose and Integrity for Sustainable Success in Turbulent Times," both published by Yokoso Press.

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Erik Schön on LinkedIn
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The Art of Strategy: Steps Toward Business Agility by Erik Schön
The Art of Leadership: Purpose and Integrity for Sustainable Success by Erik Schön

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Move Away From..., Move Towards...
Individuals and Teams Fulfilling Purpose
What Most Business Leaders Are Missing
Why Metrics Aren't Everything
How Erik Discovered Wardley Mapping
That's great, but.........
Maps Are For Humans
Challenge The Map, Not The Person
Harmony vs. Alignment
Leadership Is Everyone's Business
Visualizing The External Is Critical
Maps Keep Us Focused
Maps Promote Harmony
Humans, Strategy As A Mental Tapestry, and Eastern Thinking
What JFK Asked The Janitor
Wardley For The Harvard MBA
It's Like Ikea!
You Gotta Do The Work!
There's No Way Out!
Any New Books On The Horizon?
The Edge Your Team Can Get
It Becomes Self-Evident
Where Erik Has Seen It Work
Use Maps To Manage Risk
Maps Help In VUCA
Mapping Helps Us Create Success At Scale